MEDIA RELEASE - March 12, 2020


Sudbury – Conservation Sudbury hosted its annual spring Flood Contingency Planning meeting today at Tom Davies Square. The most recent information regarding snow pack and water levels was shared and preparedness for the upcoming spring runoff was discussed. The following organizations participated:

  • City of Greater Sudbury
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Vale Canada
  • Glencore (SINO)
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Greater Sudbury Police Service
  • Enbridge Gas

The above organizations and agencies communicate on a regular basis during the runoff period. The general public will be updated on developing conditions by Conservation Sudbury and its partners.

The above organizations and agencies communicate on a regular basis during the runoff period. The general public will be updated on developing conditions by Conservation Sudbury and its partners.

Across our watersheds, snow depths and water content are well above the normal range for this time of the year. Conservation Sudbury staff will continue to assess the snowpack until the snow cover has all but disappeared. The ground is largely saturated and is frozen in some areas due to the recent cold weather; frozen and saturated ground conditions will not assist in absorbing snowmelt and runoff if it occurs rapidly this spring.

Weather conditions directly influence the severity and duration of spring runoff to be experienced in our watersheds. Ice jams could also be a problem is some areas, as the water levels rise. Residents in low-lying and known-hazard areas will have to closely monitor developing conditions once the melt and runoff begins in earnest. Flooding is a real possibility each spring, especially if the weather gets too warm too fast from mid-March into April; this can be aggravated by significant rainfall at the same time.

It was noted at the meeting that flood and emergency preparedness information can be found at , and Residents are reminded to ensure that their 72-hour kits are ready for use throughout the year. To help prevent water from infiltrating basements, homeowners are reminded to ensure that drainage around their homes is clear, that sump-pumps are working and window wells are free of ice and snow.

Residents can also sign up for Sudbury Alerts, the City’s notification system that will alert residents of a potential hazard or concern that is considered an imminent threat to public safety. For more information visit or any of the City’s 13 Customer Service Centres.


  • Conservation Sudbury, along with our partners, reminds everyone to stay away from watercourses as spring progresses. Most streams continue to flow through the winter and are now starting to open up.

  • As the March Break is upon us, this is an important reminder for parents and guardians of children who may be spending more time outdoors, especially as the weather gradually warms.

  • Areas of ice and snow-covered waters should be considered unsafe. Stream banks are often slippery and can be unstable. A tragedy can happen very quickly around cold, fast-flowing water.

  • Educators are reminded of our Fast-Flowing Water Program available to all schools in Conservation Sudbury watersheds.

  • Snowmobile enthusiasts are reminded to stay on the official marked trails. Many of the area’s lakes are controlled by dams and late winter operations will make ice conditions dangerous.

Frequent watershed conditions updates and continuous messaging will be provided by various means during the spring runoff period for the watersheds found within Greater Sudbury.

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For More Information:

Carl Jorgensen OR Anoop Naik
General Manager Water Resources Specialist
705-674-5249 ext. 203 705-674-5249 ext. 205

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