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PRESS RELEASE - September 27, 2019

Conservation Sudbury Completes Low Impact Development Pilot Project

On Thursday evening Conservation Sudbury held a walk-through and grand opening of a low impact development (LID) pilot project recently completed in partnership with the City of Greater Sudbury. The event, held at the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex, was attended by community members as well as project partners including Greenland International Consulting, TeraNorth Construction & Engineering Limited and Hollandia Land and Environmental Solutions.

LID, also known as green infrastructure, is a storm-water management approach that uses natural features such as specialized soils and native tree, shrub, and perennial species as its infrastructure. The goal of LID is to mimic pre-development hydrological conditions.

When part of the landscape is developed the amount of impervious surfaces typically increases. This results in water from rainstorms or snowmelt flowing more quickly across the landscape and in greater volumes to the receiving water body. Collectively many LID systems can make a difference in a watershed by slowing the conveyance of water and to reduce peak flows that may lead to localized flooding. Other benefits of LID include water quality improvements, additional groundwater recharge, restored aquatic habitat and aesthetically pleasing additions within a community.


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