Winter Programs


Programs Available Tuesday - January 10 – March 10th, 2023


chickadee - Lake Laurentian conservation area

Wild About Team Building (Grades 1+)
  • We can learn from the many ways that living creatures work together in the natural world. Participate in some “wild” team building activities in the outdoors which will help your class become a better team.
A Winter Dose of Vitamin N (Grades 1+)
  • Get a healthy dose of “Vitamin N” (Nature), by spending the day outdoors – snowshoeing, playing various trail games, and participating in a variety of nature appreciation activities.
Adaptations to Winter
students snowshoeing at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area during our Winter Programming for Schools
  • Through a hike, hands-on activities and games, students will learn about how plants and animals survive in the winter by adapting to the cold and snow.
Discover Winter Birds (Grade 2+)
  • Always wondering what birds you are seeing outside your classroom window? Through a hike, active games, and hands-on activities, students will learn to recognize local birds and their calls, dissect an owl pellet, and learn about the challenges faced
Winter Ecology
  • Things may look pretty barren out there in winter - learn to identify winter trees, animal tracks, and other signs of life to discover the hidden winter world. Role-play being an animal with special adaptations to survive the perils of winter!
Quinzhee Building (snow conditions permitting) 
  • Students will work in groups to build a quinzhee – snow shelter.
  • This activity promotes teamwork, cooperation and problem solving skills.
  • Includes a hike to and from quinzhee building site and time for a game or activity of your choice.
  • winter quinzy Lake Laurentian Conservation Area during our Winter Programming for Schools
Winter Survival Shelters (snow conditions permitting) Grade 8-12
  • Work with your team to build several different types of survival shelters, including quinzhee, lean-to, api hut and snow trench.
Kinder-Winter (JK-SK)
  • Learn about animal tracks, take a winter hike, find out what the animals do in winter, make a pine cone bird feeder, and play some active, hands-on games. 

Weather permitting, all hikes can be done with snowshoes. Snowshoes provided on site.