Nickel District Conservation Foundation

Mission Statement

The Nickel District Conservation Foundation actively seeks the public's support and financial participation in those nature related conservation programs and projects of importance to the Nickel District Conservation Authority which will directly benefit residents of our community now and in the future.

2020 Board of Directors & Member Positions

Peter Edmunds - Chairperson

Jillian Smith - Vice-Chairperson

Carl Jorgensen - Treasurer

Julie Houle - Secretary

Sheilah Arena - Director

Gerard Courtin - Director

  • Jennifer Davidson
  • Line Guillemette
  • Vicky Kotab
  • Chris Melchior
  • Tannys Laughren
  • Kristy Rousseau
  • Lin Gibson

The Board of Directors, according to the NDCF's Operating By-laws, also welcome "ASSOCIATE MEMBERS". Associates are welcomed to the NDCF based on the following:

  • Persons donating twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or more to the NDCF may from time to time be admitted as Associates by resolution of the Board of Directors and shall be promptly informed there of by the Secretary and issued with a suitable identification card. The Board of Directors may by resolution vary the amount of the donation required for associate membership.
  • Associates shall not be entitled to vote at, but shall be entitled to notice of meetings of the NDCF.
  • Associates shall be entitled to such privileges as the Board of Directors may determine from time to time by resolution.
  • Associate membership in the NDCF shall terminate automatically upon the first anniversary date of admission as an Associate.

General Information

The Nickel District Conservation Foundation is a Public Foundation. The Conservation Foundation is regulated by the Government of Canada through the Income Tax Act and by the Province of Ontario through the Corporations Act. The Foundation is chartered through Letters Patent. The Foundation was incorporated in September, 1984.

The NDCF was formed in 1984 based on two fundamental principles:

  • To provide a non-government vehicle through which groups, businesses, individuals and corporations could support the advancement of conservation and resource management.
  • To provide funding, based on the capabilities of the NDCF, to the Nickel District Conservation Authority for the programs and activities under funded or not funded at all by the provincial/municipal partners. Specific reference was made to environmental education and conservation-recreation.

The Conservation Foundation raises funds in a variety of ways:

  • Sponsorship of specific public events,
  • Annual general donation appeal to individuals/businesses/groups, etc.,
  • Direct fundraising (i.e. sale of Nevada tickets, foodstuff sales, art raffles)
  • Sponsorship of summer recreation day camp
  • Collection of user fees from program services, and
  • Fundraising for special capital projects.


The NDCF recognizes that without the continuing support of conservation partners, it would be impossible to accomplish our Mission in support of Lake Laurentian and the natural environment. YOUR assistance will benefit our natural environment and leave a legacy for all. Can we count on your HELP and assistance to make the difference?

Please use this link to provide your tax-deductible donation today. Knowing that you support our charity's valuable work gives us tremendous encouragement. Thank you.

You can HELP make the difference! For more information, please contact us at:
Phone: (705) 674-5249

Mail to:
Nickel District Conservation Foundation
401 - 199 Larch Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 5P9