Camp Bitobig

Camp Bitobig provides recreational and educational hands-on activities to help children develop, through personal observations and experience while having FUN, an appreciation of their natural environment.

Camp Bitobig runs for eight weeks in the Summer during July and August.

Get comfortable, take a look around, and if you’re curious about anything....just ask!

Registration is now open. Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8 are full.

For details about Camp Bitobig, see the brochure here. Link to Camp Bitobig brochure here

NEW! This year we are offering an opportunity for French speaking children to have one designated week, where all activities will be conducted in French. The week is July 31-August 4 (Session 5).

NOUVEAUTÉ! Cette année, nous offrons une semaine francophone pour les enfants qui aimeraient vivre l'expérience du camp Bitobig complètement en français. La semaine sera celle du 31 juillet au 4 août (Session 5).

Camp Bitobig Activities

Theme A - “Planet Savers”

  • Swimming, canoeing, pond study, fishing, archery, nature related games, crafts and hikes, and activities exploring
    reducing our ecological footprint and much, much more!

Theme B - “Survivor”

  • Swimming, canoeing, orienteering, using a GPS, hikes and games relating to wilderness survival skills, crafts, pond study, fishing, survival game, archery, and much, much more!

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