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Who Are We?

Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation) is one of Ontario's 36 community based, watershed stewardship agencies. Our main goal is to ensure healthy interaction between the watersheds, the natural environment and the local economy. Our area of jurisdiction includes the watersheds of the Wanapitei, Vermilion and Whitefish Rivers. We provide important conservation services primarily within the City of Greater Sudbury in a total watershed area of approximately 9,150 square kilometres.

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Forces of Change

We operate based on specific principles:

  • Changing climate impacts are real;
  • Partnering, collaborating and sharing expertise is essential;
  • Technology is forcing organizations to provide real time service delivery;
  • Green spaces, clean water, a healthy environment attract and keep citizens in the area; and
  • Maintaining a healthy natural environment improves the health and well-being of all watershed residents.

Managing Our Watersheds Today - For Tomorrow

Our watersheds are made up of communities:

  • places where we live,
  • work,
  • gather and play.

We have a responsibility to help the residents in our watershed communities. To do that, we must consider how changes in our landscapes impact our watershed ecosystems and communities

Since 1973, when Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation) was established, the well-being of present and future generations has always been front and centre.

Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation) responsibilities include:

  • flood control,
  • hazard land management,
  • environmental education,
  • drinking water source protection,
  • watershed stewardship and much more.

With the looming impacts of our changing climate, Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation) must ready the community for the inevitable impacts on our water systems, water resources and land based resources valued by all the communities in our watersheds.

We are committed to ensuring that our watersheds will continue to be resilient and sustainable in the face of change and emerging issues.

We are proud of and want to share the successes of our watershed stewardship vision and actions with all residents, partners and organizations.


Current Weather


Flood Status

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Low Water Status


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Employment Opportunity

Information Management/GIS Specialist


Join the Conservation Sudbury team to develop and implement information and data management processes and products. The work will relate to all programs, including flood forecasting, flood plain and hazard regulations, planning, development and drinking water source protection.

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Camp Bitobig Pre-Registration

Camp Bitobig pre-registration starts March 30th, 2015 for last year's campers & members of Friends of Lake Laurentian.

Those eligible will receive an advance notice email and link to register. Regular registration starts April 1st, 2015. Check back here for updates on new registration procedures.

Visit our camp Bitobig page for additional information.

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News & Events Highlights

Media Release March 17, 2015

For immediate release to all area schools.

Water Safety Message
Reminder to use caution around streams, lakes and wetlands.

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Media Release March 13, 2015

Conservation Sudbury holds Annual Spring Runoff meeting, reminding area residents to use caution around streams, lakes and wetlands.

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